Founders & Stewards


When Michael and Amayra Hamilton were guided to a secluded valley, with Oak Creek flowing through it and pristine mountains surrounding it,
they felt a sacredness and an angelic presence.

The valley was called 'Deer Pass Ranch' and was located a few miles away from Sedona.
They knew it: This was going to be the temple in nature that they had been dreaming of.
They felt it was Archangel Michael, who had been the inspiration for their previous work
at 'Michael's Vision', who invited them to embark on a new adventure. Only, this project was bigger than either of them had ever undertaken.

It could not possibly be done in the traditional way. They had to make a leap of faith.
Divine assistance was required.

In a dream the new name was revealed: 'Angel Valley'.

Michael and Amayra have worked in the valley with all the talents, love and dedication they have to offer
It is their passion to create an environment where every person in their own personal way can make their connection with God, the Creator and be their authentic self.

They live a life of expressing their true Divine selves, in the awareness that they can only be of service to others by going through their own process of growth.

They feel gratitude and awe for the magic that they have witnessed in the many that come to Angel Valley.

As the energies are increasingly refining, and at the same time becoming more powerful, they are more committed than ever to celebrate life with others on this little piece of heaven on earth,
called Angel Valley.

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