Angel Valley Library,

an Experiential Living Research and Exploration Center

The library provides:
* The opportunity for
self-discovery and self-expression
* The tools needed for re-defining one's self from a state of awareness
* The assistance to seekers desiring to discover the essence and life force behind the Angels, the Masters, the Teachers, the Philosophers, the Artists, the Musicians, the Ancients and the Modern Man
* A repository for ancient philosophies and teachings
to to be preserved for future generations
* Channeling of new reality writings and teachings
* The tools needed to create one's own interpretation
of both ancient and modern teachings and writings
* A living resource for information regarding metaphysical / spiritual topics,
and alternative approaches to health and wellbeing

The environment of Angel Valley is conducive to take any information found in the library into an embodied living experience. The library invites its visitors to experiment with new ways of acquiring information by activating all of one's senses, rather than absorbing only via the mind.

Through the collaboration with the World Research Foundation the library will contain copies of antique books, many of which offer amazingly provoking thoughts for this day and age.

In the Angel Valley Library the visitors will have access to the wealth of research and information on health issues that the World Research Foundation has collected in its thirty years of existence. Currently there are close to seven hundred information packages available. A search function is being developed, which will accommodate easy finding of specific information.


The library with its current size and location is expected to grow very soon into a most unique metaphysical collection attracting considerable attention.

We thank those who already have contributed or will be donating their time, money and metaphysical books. We welcome you to be part of our Angel Valley Community.

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