Seeds For A New Paradigm World

We have a VISION of a New Paradigm

  • Heaven and Earth uniting in the Hearts of All Beings
  • Clear Communication with Our Higher Self
  • Conscious Interactions with Beings of Light from All Worlds
  • Unconditional Love Expressed and Experienced By All
  • Trusting Our Inner God-Self with All the Details of Life
  • Abundance Being Consciously Exchanged and Enjoyed By All
  • Truth, Integrity, Impeccability, Accountability Lived By All



Imagine strolling down the path at Angel Valley breathing in deep, slow breaths of pure mountain air. As the air rushes through your nostrils and fills up your lungs, you feel it cleansing your body. Above you, the sun beams down from a cloudless blue sky, warming your shoulders and face, allowing you to melt into a state of relaxation.

As you glance around, you can’t help but feel a huge smile consume your face. You find yourself surrounded by a group of joyous and generous people who have come together to help dream into existence a beautiful now. Each individual emanates love and positive energy, which soaks into you and ripples out to everyone else. You can feel your heart begin to open even wider. With each deep breath you feel more love flowing through you.

All who join together in this perfect moment are kindred spirits. They have made the choice to consciously co-create a new paradigm. As they work together, it is obvious that everyone is living purely from their hearts. They are all here because being a part of this community brings them pure joy.

They have all come to Angel Valley to be a part of this Cosmic Soul Family feeling connected to this beautiful place, with its gently flowing hills, red rocks, bubbling creek, and powerful energies. Each and every person felt the need to be here not only in their mind, but in their heart and body as well. There was a longing – a pulling – towards Angel Valley. They have all made the decision to surrender entirely to their higher selves and are allowing themselves to be lead down the path they were meant to follow.

As more people are drawn towards Angel Valley, their hearts blossom open like the petals of a flower allowing sunshine to flood into it. By living their passion, each new person fits in perfectly with the community. Each individual knows the part they contribute and happily does it, as it is what they love to do.

There is only positive, expanding energy flowing amongst the people. Everyone is entirely open and connected with everyone else. All the people bathe each other with love and encouragement to be their true, natural self. As the hearts of their family members are open and connected, they begin to experience the miracles that are occurring all around them. Together they are dreaming a new world into being.



In the summer of 2008 Archangel Michael took me on an experiential journey through a future parallel version of Angel Valley. I was shown a new reality where all who were living, working, and visiting Angel Valley were being their True Natural Selves. Everyone was living in the now, following their excitement, their passion, and their joy in a perfect state of balance and harmony.

Archangel Michael told me, that if I was interested in co-creating that vision at Angel Valley, by December 21, 2012, the foundation would be established.
I made the commitment to collaborate with Archangel Michael and Associates in manifesting and anchoring this new reality at Angel Valley. All that has occurred at Angel Valley and in the lives of those who have lived, worked, or visited since that commitment was made is part of a bigger picture.

As we are moving into the summer of 2012, we see the unfolding before our eyes. The old reality of darkness, limitation, and fear is being transformed into and integrated within the new reality, as the dawn of inner light, inner awareness, and inner wisdom is beginning to shine brightly.

Through our beliefs, our thoughts, and our actions, we are indeed the creators of our new reality. We are responsible and accountable for what we attract and experience in our lives. 2012 is truly a time where God/Creator’s gift of ‘free will’ is used to choose the reality we prefer!

We are all on a journey into ‘Being Our True Natural Selves’!

Listen to your inner voice, follow the tug or push that is coming from your higher self, your guides, or the Angels and step into the UNKNOWN. That is where you will discover more and more about what it means to be your ‘TRUE NATURAL SELF!

We wish thank those who support us financially, because they feel
a resonance with our vision of a new paradigm world.
When you feel guided from within to support in the planting of seeds of a new reality, please, connect with us.

Angel Valley Ministries, is an IRS recognized, 501 (C)-3,
not-for-profit, non-denominational spiritual/religious Church.
The Ministry has created Angel Valley Sedona to operate as a Spiritual Retreat Center.
All financial support is tax deductible.
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