Bathrooms Cottages

Have you ever enjoyed the cottages at Angel Valley?
Is one of the cottages your favorite?
Each cottage invokes a unique vibrational quality that has been recognized
in association with different star systems, in particular the Pleiades.
You may consciously connect with these energies during your stay
and ask your Higher Self for information and guidance from our star family.
When we open to their assistance,
the galactic beings who join us at this land respond with great love. 


Currently guests must leave their cottages to use bathrooms and showers.
We would like to enhance the comfort for our guests
by adding bathrooms to each of the 10 cottages,
and basic kitchenettes in 4 of them.

There are several steps to this project:

Installation of two septic tanks and leach fields - $10,000
Construction of foundation posts for 7 cottages
Running water from the nearby well and on-demand hot water systems
Construction of bathrooms - $8,000 - $12,000 each
Addition of mini-kitchenettes with fridge - $3,000 - $5,000 each

Once the bathrooms are in place, we are sure that the reviews from our guests,
who already give us high ratings, will be over the top.


Thank you for sharing your heart and your financial resources
for the benefit of those who stay at Angel Valley!

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