Facilitators Sharing

"My husband and I recently stayed at Angel Valley for 4 days when we presented our 15 Minute Miracle class. We both were in awe of our experience. Michael and Amayra Hamilton were such gracious hosts and the food, accommodations and hospitality were exceptional. We look forward to going back again when we can stay longer. I give Angel Valley 5 STARS if you want to experience a beautiful oneness with nature and God."
Jacquelyn Aldana, 15-Minute Miracle, Los Gatos, CA

"I am very pleased that we chose Angel Valley for our retreat. The communication was exceptional. The staff was outstanding. Our dining experience was superb. I had only one concern for our participants: they had to go back home…. THANK YOU, more than I can say.
Rev. Jane Sorbi,
White Eagle Lodge, Montgomery, TX

"The atmosphere was clear at every level."
Simon Bentley, White Eagle Lodge Co-facilitator, United Kingdom

"I have never been at the place, and I have been at many, with such a high spiritual energy, without being linked to a specific ideology. That is most unusual and I have absolutely loved it during the co-facilitation of the retreat."
Samantha Sweetwater, Patagonia, AZ

"What impressed me the most was the presence of the Archangels, the energy vortexes, the land itself and the fabulous food."
Ashley Warrenton Smith,
Dancing with Source, Novato, CA

"You guys run a first rate facility. Everyone is very welcoming and easy, and shows great care".
Aaron Star,  New York, NY

"Thank you for helping us and our group to grow our Soul gardens."
Kari Ann Amerantes & Kyung-Ha Whang., Mansfield, MA

"Continue with your angelic quality customer service. Everyone at every level was cooperative, friendly and ready to assist in any way they could.
The food was incredible. Kirsten did an incredible job. Even when things had to change at the last minute she took it in stride. She is a teacher or me of how to ‘go with the flow’.
 It was another wonderful experience."
Jackie Eaton, Angelights, Cumb, RI

"Dear Michael,
You not only blessed us with your generous spirit in having our retreat here, you have supported me on my journey! I know more of myself because of you! Thank you!
Dear Amayra,
You light up the room when you are present! Your wisdom, sharing and generosity made me feel so supported here. Our retreat was a success because of your assistance and I thank you!"
Kim Stanwood Terranova, Namaste Retreats, Malibu, CA

"My participants had only glowing things to say."
Mary Elizabeth Raines, Past Life Regression Counselor Training, Oshkosh, WI

"I was most impressed by the hospitality of the staff. I am planning on doing this retreat again next year, same time."
Sherry Olsen, Awaken Your Spirit, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"What a journey to put this retreat together with you!! We loved the interactions our group had with the Angel Valley facilitators that were part of our program. Michael was outstanding and both Amayra and Jaap were exceptional. Angel Valley itself made our journey into an unforgettable experience."
Kathryn Leeman & Karrie Wallen, Journey into Oneness, Redlands, CA

"I cannot express how special my first experience here has been. The light House was the perfect size for my group. I truly appreciated how everything was taken care of, so that I was completely freed up to do the work I needed to do with my group. I will be back!!!"
Barbara McKell, Soul Connection Sacred Journey, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

"I absolutely love Angel Valley! I find it to be quite a perfect place. I’ve always described to my husband that this would be the kind of center I would like to have. You have every single element there that I have always wanted.
I also truly love that you give facilitators a complementary day there. The support it provides for me to energetically prepare for the work I’m going to be doing with people is immeasurable! It sets you apart from other centers. Thank you for that!"
Allyson Rice, The Total Human, Topanga, CA

"It is with the deepest joy and gratitude that we acknowledge this wondrous place called ‘Angel Valley’. Thank you for sharing your co-creation. We have reached new levels of inspiration. This sacred place will remain in our hearts for eternity."
Alaine Portner. & Flossie Park., Yoga Center of Medford, Medford, NJ

"When I am there I feel at home, deeply inspired, at peace and one with the land."
Marie McNeal, facilitator, Playa del Rey, CA

"The staff did everything to support this journey and I am grateful. Everyone went above and beyond to accommodate everyone and everything. I intend to return again and again and again."
Robbyne La Plante, White Wolfe Journeys,  San Clemente, CA

"I was very satisfied about my choice to come to Angel Valley for my retreat. The land, the hospitality, the friendliness of everyone, the spirit, I loved it all. And so did my participants. You will see me again!"
Stephen Thomson, Rimrock, AZ

"I was impressed by the supportive open hospitality and the obvious love of the land."
Ralph Bemmergui, Host TV show, Toronto, ON, Canada

"I consider Angel Valley a wonderful place. I really appreciate the energy and the dedication of the staff and will consider having another event here. I shared some comments, which I hope you take in the friendly, sincere and helpful way in which they are intended."
Moses Siregar, Astrology Retreats, Prescott, AZ

"It was completely magnificent. It felt like family right away. The beauty of the place and the warmth of the staff was impressive. Bless you!"
Steven Forrest, Co-facilitator Astrology Retreats, Chapel Hill, NC

"We were touched by the attentiveness, love, caring and compassion of the staff and owners for our participants. We will return to Angel Valley for the tremendous energy of love that is here."
Ray & Lyn Madaghiele, Lasting Happiness,Gilbert, AZ

"Angel Valley is a lovely space with beautiful grounds and with a lot of potential. I know the center will continue to improve and I am excited to see where it goes as I return for future retreats."
Erin Kirk, Los Angeles, CA

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